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Ramp MX1 16" Wheel Kids Bike age 6-8

Ramp MX1 16" Wheel Kids Bike age 6-8

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Introducing the Ramp Unleaded MX1 16" Wheel Kids BMX – the epitome of youthful adrenaline and precision engineering. Engineered with V-brakes for reliable stopping power, this BMX bike is tailor-made for young riders eager to dominate ramps and streets alike.

Built on a robust steel frame and featuring 16" wheels, the Ramp Unleaded MX1 ensures a blend of durability and agility, providing the ideal platform for adventurous youngsters. The dynamic design not only captures attention but also reflects the bike's spirited essence.

The V-brakes guarantee responsive and controlled stops, instilling confidence in riders as they navigate turns and embrace the excitement of jumps. The padded saddle offers comfort during extended rides, while adjustable handlebars accommodate growing riders for a personalized fit.

Whether your child is a budding BMX enthusiast or a first-time rider, the Ramp Unleaded MX1 promises a thrilling experience coupled with the reliability of V-brakes. Unleash the joy of riding with the Ramp Unleaded MX1 – where every pedal propels young adventurers to new heights!

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